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Diversity is not an accident, and smart organizations understand diversity is a strategic advantage. It is not enough to simply have a diversity recruitment strategy. Organizations must know how to create diverse communities, and leaders must be skilled on how to lead the complexity that diversity introduces. The approach James uses has been proven successful in multiple industries spanning the globe.


A well-aligned, quantifiable approach is the cornerstone of any sustainable business function—diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency included. What are you measuring? Do the metrics support organizational success? What story do your metrics tell about your organization? Over a career of more two decades, James has developed a strong reputation for using innovative and focused metrics to qualify and improve diversity, inclusion, and cultures.


Engagement surveys/instruments can be powerful tools to understand and create targeted approaches to improve engagement, belonging, and culture. However, most organizations are 1) asking the wrong questions or 2) analyzing the results incorrectly. By using an approach developed and refined over 20 years, James helps you learn how to ask questions that matter, analyze the true opportunities, and improve your culture.

Your Diversity Story

Everyone has a diversity story that helps them not only recognize what connects them authentically to this work, but also creates awareness of personal triggers and levers. Organizations and executives that understand their Diversity Story are able to create authentic connections and drive sustainable change throughout the organization.


Individual and organizational bias manifest themselves in different ways. The impact of bias on engagement, talent selection, trust, profitability, morale, and inclusion can be significant. Deciding Factor®, a highly interactive simulation, demonstrates how our individual biases surface and impact critical decision-making processes —for organizations, teams, tasks, and committees. Given realistic scenarios, participants are challenged to balance decision-making processes while navigating ambiguity, time pressure, and intentional priming, all while learning to recognize and navigate their own and others’ unseen biases. It is not enough to understand theories of bias, Deciding Factor® will help you manage and mitigate it.

Presentations and Key Notes

As a skilled and in demand speaker, James offers public speaking for conference and corporate events. Highly engaging, educational, and interactive, he brings insights from the Executive Suite of some of the most successful companies in the United States.

Healthcare Services

Recognized as one of the nations leaders in healthcare leadership, James offers individualized education and processes for healthcare organizations to provide culturally competent care. In addition, James specializes in implementing resources to support Limited English Proficient patients.

Belonging and Engagement

Implement an institutional approach to inclusion which integrates Diversity, Belonging, Engagement into your strategic plans and organizational culture.


With experience working in the field for over 20 years, James offers the ability to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of the organizations core, offering not just insight but also solutions on how to implement change to the very fabric of the organization.